Erotic re-animator

Take me by the hair and kiss me, lick my lips as we kiss, lick my tounge as you examine me in your office doctor.   Tell me i am naughty and loving. Spread my legs apart and pleasure me with your fleshy needle.  Yes Hebert West, make love and re-animate me with erotic love 

Love ethics

After we make love, we lay in a pool  eachothers cum, our DNA as we talk and hold hands you kiss my neck when we talk about medical ethnics and soon i am riding your fleshy needle getting of on you. I kissing your nipples until there are hickies…your talk is a turn on for me.

MD: my doctor

As you take my scrub pants and paints off and you pull yours down, right the autopsy room  we make out jusr wearing o,ur scrub tops and  soon you lay me on the autopsy table and you enter me as we kiss.  God i love cumming on you in the morgue.

Ass fingering

Your looks drive wild and horny my loving doctor.  As we make love and kiss.  You stick your gloved finger in my ass and i moan and call you Herbert West. You wiggle  the finger and i moan louder i  pleasure.  Fuck i love beeing your secy thotty zombie coroner.

Your essence

Dearest MD.  Let me for once be able to take your fleshy needle into my mouth on my terms and have your cum in my mouth as i lovingly swallow your essence. The drip that makes you who were. My love i want to do to it in the ambulance just once.

Emails part 2

As you start to ghost me and stop emailing me my loving doctor i am devasted and still pleasures myself at the thought of you. As i lay in a pool of cum my DNA i cannot stop caring and loving you. Why did you leave me to suffer such erotic despair


Beloved MD as you email the thought of you makes me want to touch my self and to tease my nipples as i fantasize about you in reallife. You will never know how much i love and care for you. Wet and dream dreams you having your way with me ajd my holes the autopsy room…kissing.god i am such a thot


As we kiss in the autopsy room i beg you anx want to hear the words “doctor’s orders” as you pull our pants down and have me on me knees kissing and sucking your fleshy needle.  I dong want to leave my knees.  Love being your subby coroner i think as i swallow your cum.